Home Maintenance Checklist

Be Proactive in maintaining your home!

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your house in great shape, reduce the risk of unexpected repairs and improve the odds of selling your home at the best possible price, when that time should come. In addition, regular maintenance of your home’s systems and appliances will increase their efficiency and lower operating costs, as well as ensure longer equipment life.


    Check that fire extinguisher(s) are fully charged. Re-charge if necessary.

    Test and inspect smoke, heat and gas detectors.

    Examine heating/cooling air filters and replace or clean as necessary. 

    Verify AC condensation drain is flowing freely.

    Clean gutters and downspouts.

    Ensure that downspouts are secure, and that the discharge of the downspouts is appropriate.

    Carefully inspect the condition of shower enclosures. Repair or replace deteriorated grout and       caulk.

    Check faucets for drips and the rest of the plumbing for leaks.

    Secure loose toilets, or repair flush mechanisms that become troublesome.


    Change the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year.

    Drain a gallon or two of water from your hot water heater to extend its life expectancy.

    Have HVAC inspected and serviced

    Clean leaves and trash out from under decks and porches. Pull mulch away from foundation       walls.

    Trim back tree branches and shrubs to ensure that they are not in contact with the house.

    Inspect driveways, walkways, decks, porches, and landscape components for evidence of       deterioration.

    Test the overhead garage door opener. Clean and lubricate hinges, rollers and tracks.

    Replace or clean exhaust hood filters.

    Clean, inspect and/or service all appliances as per the Manufacturer’s recommendations.


    Have your HVAC serviced if inspections and service were not performed.

    Check water heater to be sure it is secure.

    Clean out dryer exhaust vent system and underneath dryer.

    Inspect, repair and reseal tile grout in bathrooms, kitchens, and any other areas.

    Make a quick inspection of the exterior of the house. Check the foundation for cracking, blocked       vents, and leaks. Check caulking around doors and windows.

    Check the roof for leaks.

    Clean/Pressure wash exterior

    Examine the electrical panels, wiring and electrical components for evidence of overheating. 

      Flip the breakers on and off to ensure that they are not sticky.